Newsletter: Summer 2018

Newsletter: Summer 2018

CCI supports RVCV school girl

Dear Friends,

With the end of the 2017-18 school year, we would like to update you on the educational progress of children in India, Tanzania, Vietnam and Guatemala that you support through Chances for Children International (CCI). For those of you who have supported these children – especially young girls — through sponsorships, we are delighted to provide you with details of their progress.

Just a reminder…

  • 100% of your support for these children goes directly to the programs that educate them,
  • Only $240 supports a child in school for an entire year, and
  • We fund only successful, small organizations, typically with ex-pats on site to help these programs grow and to ensure all support is used as envisioned.

With your support, we can give chances to even more children. 

With our thanks and warmest regards,
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Our Programs


ALIG (A Literacy Initiative Group), INDIA

Learning and building English language literacy skills is a major goal of ALIG‘s programs with middle and high school students. ALIG-trained English language teachers join government schools, where they enhance literacy during class time and expand English learning in afterschool Ecology and Literary clubs. Additional academic enhancements offered to students include an annual science quiz competition and computer technology classes to level the digital playing field. ALIG is committed to girls’ and women’s education, and empowers teenage girls and young women who are not in school by offering digital literacy courses to improve their employment opportunities.

Based in Jharkhand state, ALIG has added 14 new schools this year to benefit from its Learning Enhancement Program, which boosts children’s development in school through environmental awareness and literary knowledge. ALIG programs focus on English language learning through activities, science quiz competitions, debates, and games in the low-income minority population of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

ALIG’s school programs have grown steadily from 1,600 children in June 2016 to 6,447 children in June 2018, and from 6 schools in 2016 to 24 schools in June 2018.

Learn more about ALIG…


The Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) provides a permanent home for 97 orphaned children in northwestern Tanzania, near the Ngorogoro Crater. Through an innovative approach to breaking through the cycle of poverty, the children’s home provides education, health care and future economic opportunity in a warm and loving environment.

This year, the RVCV celebrates its 15th anniversary. Congratulations to inspiring Founder India Howell and her incredible staff and children! RVCV now administers both the Gyetighi Primary School and Oldeani Secondary School, which provide excellent education to RVCV children as well as children in the local community.

At Gyetighi Primary School this year, all 4th grade students scored average or above average on their National Exams. And 81% of all seniors at the Oldeani Secondary School passed their National Exams, compared with four years ago, when only 3% passed. In the past, children here could only dream of higher education, but now 37 RVCV kids are enrolled in post-secondary school, and we applaud the first 4 college graduates!

Learn about Careen, a high school girl we support at RVCV…


Earlier this school year, the Hearing and Beyond program moved to a larger space in Hoi An, to accommodate another classroom and better space for play. In addition to our annual support, CCI helped to facilitate the move. Now Hearing and Beyond is able to support the education of 27 deaf and hearing-impaired children, more than ever before!

In other good news, Mai McCann, Founder and Director of Hearing and Beyond, received final approval from the Vietnamese government for the school’s formal registration, a much longer process than anyone had envisioned. Congratulations, Mai!

Meet Cam Tu, a 9 year old deaf girl supported by CCI…


CCI partners with CEF to send girls to school


CEF is a small organization with big results, based in Hoi An. Through educational scholarships at primary school through university levels, CEF builds strong girls who are confident, skilled and purposeful. These girls blaze a path to achieve a brighter future with increased economic possibilities.

During the 2017-18 academic year, CEF provided scholarships for 250 students, including 31 in university or high school. University students major in education, accounting, tourism, business management, engineering, chemistry and applied mathematics, among others.

Along with scholarships for girls’ schooling, CEF provides critical support through workshops on female health and hygiene, budgeting, life skills, career advice and prevention of human trafficking.

Meet Tuyen, a most impressive Pre-Med student we support in Vietnam…




CCI funds university scholarships for young women

Begun in 2002, the Amigos de Santa Cruz educational scholarship program now supports 36 high school and 11 university students. Our first grant to Amigos provides scholarship support for three young women to attend university. Each will be the first in her family — and among the first in her community – to complete a university degree. Pictured here is Claudia, one of our Amigos de Santa Cruz grant recipients. Claudia is studying Business Administration, and plans to use her education to help her community.

Watch a short video about Amigos de Santa Cruz…




CCI funds university scholarships for young women


Starting in 1973 with a university scholarship for one student, PROGRESA now supports 80 university students. This year, CCI partners with PROGRESA to fund 4 university scholarships. One of these scholarship recipients is Magdalena, who leaves her village before dawn for a 3-hour ride to her university, where she studies Social Work. After a full day of classes she repeats the journey to return home to her village. Magdalena comes from a large family and is the second of 9 siblings. She and her 2 oldest siblings have graduated from high school, and all of her younger brothers and sisters are still in school (quite unusual for a family of subsistence farmers, where the dropout rate is typically high because children are needed to help their parents with agricultural work).

Hear about PROGRESA’s scholarship program from several recipients… 



Who Runs Programs CCI Supports?


In each newsletter we profile the leadership of one of our program partners. Today we focus on Jessie Cohn and her amazing staff at Amigos de Santa Cruz, located on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Originally from Washington, D.C., Jessie holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of Arizona, and an MA in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She has over 10 years of experience managing programs for international and local NGOs, including two years as In-Country Director for Amigos de Santa Cruz before assuming her current position. We were quite impressed with Jessie’s vision for improving life and economic opportunity in Santa Cruz through educational and opportunity, when we met with her at Amigos’ offices in February.

Hear what Jessie has to say about Amigos’ mission to support education.


Your support gives chances to children. Join us today.