What We Do

Our Model

Chances for Children International (CCI) has 501(c)3 non-profit status from the IRS. CCI is fully funded by contributions we make, along with donations from other individuals.

We neither request nor would accept government funding of any kind. CCI has no connections to any religious or political organization. We work solely to give individual children in the developing countries the chance to escape poverty by getting an education to grow their minds and widen their horizons.

We partner with small grassroots organizations in key areas of the world, helping them build capacity to strengthen and expand effective programs. Working within the framework of grassroots organizations has several advantages: it empowers local people who best understand the needs of their communities; it gives them greater means to improve the life chances of local children; and it utilizes knowledge of local institutions to give children better learning opportunities. Our major goal is to increase the access of poor children, particularly girls, to education (primary, secondary and university levels).

Our Programs

By giving children the chance to go to school, we introduce them to a wider world and a brighter future. We focus in particular on providing opportunities for girls, often the most overlooked persons in rural villages.

School Scholarships
Giving a young child the chance to go to school
Education may be “free” in many developing countries, but uniforms, books, required fees and transportation costs make school attendance all but impossible for many children who otherwise work as laborers and never get an education. For $20 a month, you can offer a child the chance to attend primary or secondary school. CCI partners with CEF (Vietnam) and Hearing & Beyond (Vietnam), and the to connect you with children in need. To send a child to school: Click here.
University Scholarships
Sending a young woman to university
Through CEF (one of our Vietnam partners), PROGRESA and Amigos de Santa Cruz (our Guatemala partners), you can give promising young women the chance to obtain an education. Many girls in Vietnam and Guatemala never attend school, or must drop out before their early teens. Those who complete high school rarely can go on to college, no matter how bright and academically-promising they are. A unique CEF program gives young women such a chance, primarily girls from minority tribes living near the Laotian border who are at risk of being trafficked. In Guatemala, young women expand their future opportunities way beyond subsistence farming with CCI-funded university scholarships. To help a young woman attend university: Click here.